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THE SINGERS' VAULT celebrates live concert performances by The Singers from the choir's founding in 2004 through today. Conductor Matthew Culloton interviews members of the choir, composers, and other special guests while also sharing selected live performances from years gone by.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. THE SINGERS' VAULT: Episode 1.5

    Christmas time is here, and Matthew Culloton welcomes baritone and Music Adviser Bryan Blessing back to the vault to discuss their approach to programming Christmas concerts each year. Bryan has chosen some of his favorite works, and we enjoy The Singers' live concert performances of them. Repertoire includes: ...


  2. THE SINGERS' VAULT: Episode 1.4

    Gratitude, Thanksgiving, and The Singers are celebrated by Artistic Director Matthew Culloton and soprano Hannah Armstrong. The Singers’ Vault is relocated to their living room, where they offer their selection of favorites – reminding us all of how much we have to be thankful for, even in these ...


  3. THE SINGERS' VAULT: Episode 1.3

    Composer-in-Residence Timothy Takach joins Matthew Culloton to discuss and share a handful of our favorite works of his. Tim offers great insights into his composing process, the commissions and collaborations, and the music itself. Program repertoire includes: 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (recorded 2017) ...


  4. THE SINGERS' VAULT: Episode 1.2

    Melissa Dunphy's American DREAMers was commissioned by Philadelphia community choir PhilHarmonia (Mitos Andaya Hart, Director) to bring to light the stories of immigrants in the wake of anti-immigrant rhetoric during and after the 2016 election. Five texts from five young Americans who were brought to America as children were ...


  5. THE SINGERS’ VAULT: Episode 1.1

    Artistic Director Matthew Culloton interviews founding choir member and Music Adviser Bryan Blessing as they recall a March 2020 performance – one that turned out to be the choir’s last concert before the Coronavirus shutdown. Program recorded March 2020: Abbie Betinis: Carol of the Stranger Melissa Dunphy: Dancing in Buses (from American DREAMers) Craig ...